Finding Cat Spray

Know Where Your Cat is Spraying;
Kill Odors and Monitor Further Spraying

You can simply scan your home and find cat spraying locations by using a quality blacklight in a darkened room. Under fluorescent blacklight, cat spray glows. Your cat may be spraying in many locations that you are unaware of. This will allow you to neutralize lingering odors and limit serious cat urine damage.

Typical cat spraying patternFirst, know what you are looking for. Most cat spraying involves one or more splats on a vertical surface at approximately nose height of the spraying cat, to attact the attention of other cats.

Second, get a good fluorescent blacklight, the type with a cylindrical tube as a light source. Don't use an incandescant-style bulb, the ultraviolet spectrum output is too weak to be useful. Smaller tubes and small battery-powered units are much more difficult to use since they must be very close to the urine to see anything. The best units use a bulb type "BLB" which has higher low wavelength UV output, best for showing cat urine.

To recognize spray spots, look for an obvious "splat and drip" spray pattern (left). Depending upon the surface, cat urine spray can be faint and hard to distinguish from other organic substances and objects that also glow under black light. Cat spraying on some fabrics may be hard to see. You may need to place a barrier, such as cardboard, in front of difficult surfaces to allow cat spray patterns to be more easily detectable and monitored.

When scanning entire rooms; look at about 6 to 12" height above the floor around the perimeter of the room, including doors and windows/windowsills, blinds, and on all furniture.

Blacklight is useful in locating cat spraying to limit serious cat urine damageThis GE blacklight is excellent for illuminating cat urine in a darkened room. It's an 18 inch Fluorescent Light Fixture with a GE F15T8-BLB 15 watt bulb, that projects an excellent uv spectrum for cat spray detection. It is bright enough to show cat urine from a reasonable distance, several feet away. It runs off AC power; use an extension cord to make it semi-portable. It is difficult to find in retail stores except just before Halloween. Beware of low cost imitations. Many similar import units are sold, such as by Lights of America. These units have significantly less effective UV light for finding cat urine.

Diligent searching for cat spraying spots is the key to preventing serious cat urine damage and removing cat urine smell from furniture.

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