Control Dog Marking in Your Home

Dogs and cats are hypersensitive to smells and live in a scent-centered world. They instinctively spray urine to mark their territory. The SprayAlert® Alarm (US Patent 6,860,239) instantly emits a startling sound when sprayed by urine (or any other moisture). Place the urine sensor in an area where the pet typically marks. The sound disrupts the behavior, limits urine damage, and can act as a deterrent. Use as a training aid for dog marking on furniture in homes. Effective as a dog pee alarm to notify you immediately.

SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm and Charlie

SprayAlert with Standard Urine Sensor

SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm and Long Sensor

SprayAlert with Long Urine Sensor

The SprayAlert is an electronic alarm for detecting cat and dog urine/pee spraying and marking as it happens. 

  • Detect immediate pet urine spraying and marking to minimize damage to home, furniture.

  • Dog training to stop or reduce spraying behavior in some cases. A good training candidate is a dog that is marking habitually in the same place, in a few spots or less. Cats typically do not respond well to training. For them, addressing behavioral issues is usually the best solution.

  • Monitor areas previously sprayed. Follow progress of preventative measures.

  • Identify sprayer for medical assessment in multipet households.

  • Manage cleanup of habitual sprayer, dogs or cats


Before using this product, understand the cause of your pet's marking. Always first address medical and stress issues. It's primary use is for territorial marking cases. Not appropriate for puppy training.

SprayAlert in action:

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