How it Works

The urine sensor is the key to the SprayAlert Alarm. To be effective a sensor needs to be simple to use, reusable, reliable, and inconspicuous. It should have a large enough active area to have a high chance of being hit by spraying urine. The design of the SprayAlert Sensor uses small lines of conductive carbon ink permanently baked onto a clear durable plastic film. It blends in well with most surfaces and types of furniture. 

The base material is clear thin, strong plastic, 10.4" x 1.15".  It's printed with an inter-weaved cured ink which is flexible and durable. It has large active area of 9 square inches, meaning it will activate if hit with urine anywhere in this region.  The ink pattern can be damaged with abrasives and solvents (treat with care). It's designed to be rinsed and reused. 

When the interleaved pattern makes contact with pet urine (or any moisture) it is sensed by the detection circuit in the alarm unit, triggering the alarm.

The main sensor is intended to be mounted horizontally on vertical surfaces. We supply adhesives stickers which stick to most non-fabric surfaces. A hole at each end of the sensor makes it easy to use pins or tacks to mount it on upholstery.   Mount the sensor flush with any surface with the ink side facing out so that urine will run over the face of it as it drips down. 

A different shape, more rectangular, 4.40" x 2.75", is also offered. Use the Rectangular SprayAlert Sensor where the horizontal one won't fit.

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