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"Floppy is a Jack Russell terrier and is very yappy...

Our dog, Floppy, constantly pees all over the corners of our sofa and it makes the house stink. This'd be a good idea to train him and make him stop.

Happy new year to you. I did receive the unit. I am pleased to inform you that the unit is really working well. Floppy is no longer wetting my sofa xx​. Yes he did set the alarm twice and from then on no more.

​Ah yes, Floppy may seem cute but he is very naughty haha. We adopted him back in December 2015 and this year he shall be turning 7 on the 19th of July. ​He started peeing as soon as we got him, we thought it may have been because of the change in environment. I've been keeping him in my room during the nights so that​ he isn't lonely and since then (around December 2016) he's not been peeing in the house which is great.

​I am more than happy to let you use the pictures of floppy on your website, he loves to be photographed though acts shy sometimes. He's photogenic and he knows it! :D"

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