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It's about the animals

dog in animal shelter

Far too many dogs and cats end up abandoned on the streets or in shelters. Inappropriate urination is the leading cause of owner turn-ins and abandonment. Our goal is to help the animals.

We design products to teach our pets acceptable boundaries for spraying and marking, and as a tool for pet lovers to track urine behavior.

We have been active for many years in animal rescue and feral cat TNR.  These are a few of the amazing creatures that we have had the privilege of sharing life with...

Our team...

Mali - Office Manager

Mali, Office


Paul Jaeger - Hardware Designer

Paul, Hardware

Ben Cohen - Software Designer

Ben, Software

Tia Maria - Human Resources

Tia Maria, Human Resources

Judy - Copy and Photography

Judy, Copy and Photography

Wayne - Hardware Design

Wayne, Hardware

Peak Design Inc.

2212 S Johnson Cir

Mesa, AZ   85202

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