SprayAlert - How to Use

1. Connect urine sensor(s)

Plug in one or two urine sensors as desired into Alarm box with unit turned off. Avoid touching front side of sensor where the black ink is printed when handling.

Note: One alarm unit can use one sensor, or two sensors at the same time (of either type).

2. Mount Sensor

Mount sensor(s) in the location where your pet typically urinates. Make sure the printed ink side is facing out, the same side with the wire connection glob.
Note: The urine must contact the front face of the sensor where the black printing is to work properly. Use double-sided adhesive tape on the back side for mounting, or tacks or pins via the holes on the sensors. Don't use tape on the front side on top of the black printing

On vertical surfaces the sensor must be flush with mounting surface. Place it where dripping urine will run over the face of the sensor.

On horizontal surfaces, secure the sensor in place with double sided adhesive or tape. Minimize loose cable. Tape down and away to discourage pet from playing with it

3. Test it out (with pet out of hearing range!)

Turn unit on, LED light should blink green every two seconds. Set volume as desired to high or low. Low for sensitive pets.Verify that the alarm will trigger by touching the sensor black printing with a moist finger. 

Blot sensor dry. Turn unit off to reset, then turn back on (any leftover moisture will trigger the alarm). You are ready now for your pet when the green light is blinking.

5. When alarm goes off

If you're not home, the red light will remain on to alert you that it has triggered. ALWAYS check for urine and moisture. False alarms occur occasionally from wet noises and drool or slobber. Don't assume it was from urine.

6. Cleaning

Rinse sensor with water or water and mild detergent. No chemicals or harsh cleaners or abrasives. Gently dry with towel or hair dryer but don't overheat. Any moisture or residue may trigger the alarm.  

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