Is your pet urine marking furniture?


The SprayAlert will detect pet urine spraying as it happens. Put the urine sensor where the pet marks or sprays. Any urine or moisture on the sensor triggers the alarm unit instantly.

To cover more area or two nearby spots, plug two sensors into an alarm unit (two sensor ports are on the alarm unit).


Any urine or moisture on the sensor triggers the alarm instantly and lasts for 9 seconds. Redirect the pet to the desired urination area and reward for good behavior. Punishment is counter- productive. Dogs are more receptive to behavior adjustment than cats

The alarm volume can be set to either low or high. The loud setting should typically startle the animal and interrupt the behavior. The lower level is for notifying the pet owner when the spraying occurs, without stressing sensitive pets or pets with medical conditions.

How To Catch Pet Urine Home Marking When It Happens

The urine sensor is reusable, reliable, and inconspicuous. The design uses small lines of conductive ink permanently baked onto a clear durable plastic film. It blends in well with most surfaces and types of furniture. The ink pattern can be damaged with abrasives and solvents (treat with care). It's designed to be rinsed and reused. When the interleaved pattern makes contact with pet urine (or moisture) a 9 second alarm is triggered to startle the pet or alert the pet owner.

A rectangular, (4.40" x 2.75") sensor is placed on horizontal or vertical surfaces via double sided adhesive (provided) or using mounting holes, with pins or tacks. A long sensor is also available to cover wider areas on vertical surfaces. Mount the sensor flush with any surface with the ink side facing out so that urine will run over the face of it.

Placement Examples

The SprayAlert Alarm consists of two parts: an electronic Alarm Unit, and a reusable Urine Sensor. Place the sensor, connected to alarm by 3-foot cord, where your dog or cat typically sprays or marks 

The Standard Urine Sensor (4.40" x 2.75") is good for furniture and floors, mounting either horizontally or vertically.

The Long Urine Sensor (10.4" x 1.15") is long and narrow, suitable for mounting usually on vertical surfaces. Place the sensor below the expected spraying height, in path of dripping runoff, flush against mounting surface.

One alarm unit can use one sensor, or two sensors at the same time (of either type), to cover more spots or a larger area:

SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm with two Long Urine Sensors  | dog pee alarm to stop dog marking in home
SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm with two Standard Urine Sensors | dog pee alarm to stop dog marking in home


The video below uses cranberry juice from a spray bottle as urine. The red LED will continue to blink until the alarm is reset. The volume can be set to a lower level (the Alarm Unit shown is an older version). Two urine sensors can be used simultaneously on one alarm unit.