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Using the Pet Alarm for Pet Marking and Dog Training

Dogs and cats are super sensitive to smells and live in a scent-centered world. They instinctively spray urine to mark their territory. The SprayAlert® Alarm (US Patent 6,860,239) instantly emits a startling sound when sprayed by urine.


The SprayAlert Alarm detects when your pet is urinating or spraying. Mount the Sensor where they mark. Any urine or moisture on the Sensor will trigger the alarm unit instantly.

Training Your Dog Not to Mark 

When triggered, the alarm will sound for 10 seconds. Take your dog quickly to the correct place and praise. Instant feedback for them is key to adjusting behavior.

To cover more area or two nearby spots, plug two Sensors into an alarm unit (two sensor ports are on the alarm unit). The alarm volume has two settings, low or high. 

Spray Alert Pet Urine Alarm ]  | dog pee alarm to deter dog marking in housee

The Urine Sensor is durable and reusable. It  uses an interleaved pattern of baked-on conductive ink on a strong plastic film. It blends in well with most surfaces and furniture.


When the interleaved pattern makes contact with pet urine (or moisture) the alarm is triggered to alert the pet owner. Then rinse or wipe clean and use again.

Spray Alert Pet Urine Alarm 20 orig cropped.jpg
Spray Alert Pet Urine Alarm 19 cropped horiz.jpg
Spray Alert Pet Urine Alarm 11.jpg
SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm with two Long Urine Sensors  | dog pee alarm to stop dog marking in home

The SprayAlert Alarm consists of two parts: an electronic Alarm Unit, and a reusable Urine Sensor with 3 foot cord. 

The Standard Urine Sensor (4.40" x 2.75") is good for furniture and floors, mounting either horizontally or vertically.

SprayAlert Pet Urine Alarm with two Standard Urine Sensors | dog pee alarm to stop dog marking in home

The Long Urine Sensor (10.4" x 1.15") is long and narrow, suitable for mounting usually on vertical surfaces. Place the Sensor below the expected spraying height, in the path of dripping runoff, flush against the mounting surface.

One alarm unit can use one Sensor, or also two Sensors at the same time (of either type), to cover more spots or a larger area.

The product can be tested and triggered using water instead of urine. After the alarm sounds for 10 seconds the red LED will continue to blink until the alarm is reset. This tells you if the alarm was set off when you were away. 

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