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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Shipping

How soon will my order be shipped?

Most orders are shipped within one business day.

What is the delivery time?

Shipment is via USPS Priority with delivery time of typically 1 to 3 days, excluding Sundays.

Do you ship international?

Unfortunately we do not. 

Pet Behavior and the SprayAlert

Will this stop my pet from marking?

The SprayAlert has been used to reduce or stop territorial marking in some dogs. The best candidates are dogs marking habitually in the same place, in a handful of spots or less. In many case like this, the SprayAlert can be an effective training tool. The dog should be presented with positive options and subsequently rewarded when triggering the audio alarm. Aversive training methods are discouraged.


For cats probably not, as cats are less receptive to training methods. They are usually acting out of stress (if not medical or litter tray issues). See our Cats page for help. Stressed cats are more likely to mark elsewhere. The SprayAlert can help you track their spraying behavior and the effectiveness of other measures.

Both of my dogs are marking in the same place over and over again, regardless of how many times I let them out. They only refrain from it when I restrict their access to these areas. My primary question is, how do I know that my dogs are not chew on the sensors, cables or main unit??

There's nothing that prevents your dogs from chewing on the product. We always advise users to tape down the wire and try to keep it out of sight as much as possible. It usually hasn't been a problem but every dog is different so it's hard to know. If your dogs do destroy it, we'd be willing to at least replace it one time at no charge. 

Hi, I have an older rescue that is peeing indoors in a number of areas. She isn't responding well to me correcting the bad behavior and immediately taking her outside -- but she is scared of Lois noises or sudden movements. My question is does this come with several pads or would I have to purchase one for every area of the house she is peeing in? They seem fairly small so it wouldn't be cost-effective to buy 5-7 of them. 

It's challenging if they're going in many places. Yes the cost can add up for this situation. We have had reasonably good results with dogs marking or urinating in a handful of places less. However, some dogs will ignore the alarm noise or go somewhere else instead. If your dog is very sensitive to noises she may be a good candidate, but there's the possibility that it could stress her out more as well. 

I was wondering what area this covers. I have an area rug 5’x7’ and would this product cover this area?

The area covered is the size of the urine sensor. The standard sensor has a size of 4.40" x 2.80" . The pet urine must come in contact with the urine sensor to trigger the alarm. To cover a larger area requires multiple sensors.

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