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Use the Pet Urine Alarm for Indoor Marking & Dog Training


Dogs and cats are super sensitive to smells and live in a scent-centered world. They instinctively spray urine to mark their territory. The SprayAlert® Alarm (US Patent 6,860,239) instantly emits a startling sound when sprayed by urine.

Place the alarm sensor in spots where your dog or cat marks or urinates. When the alarm goes off...


  • Cleanup pet pee messes quickly and limit damage to home and furniture.

  • Use the SprayAlert as a training aid for dogs...

    • Take your dog to the correct area and reward for good behavior (don’t count on the noise of the alarm to cure your dog’s marking habits).


Immediate feedback for a dog is important to change behavior.  Avoid punishment or aversive training. Reward-based training is much more effective. The alarm unit has two volume settings, use the lower one when concerned about stressing your pet.

"My dog was sometimes too lazy to go outside to urinate and would use the bedpost instead, within a month of using this product his behaviour completely changed and he hasn't urinated in the house since. I strongly recommend this product, it's simple to set up and really does work."

Catch dog marking furniture - Pet Urine Alarm & Standard Urine Sensor
Catch dog marking furniture - Pet Urine Alarm & Long Urine Sensor

SprayAlert with Standard Urine Sensor

SprayAlert with Long Urine Sensor

Pet Urine Alarm to detect cat and dog urine/pee spraying and marking
  • A good dog training candidate is one that is peeing habitually in the same place, in a handful of spots or less.

  • Cats do not respond as well to training. For them, addressing behavioral issues is the best solution. 

  • Before using this product, understand the cause of your pet's marking or urination. Always first address medical and stress issues. Its primary use is for territorial marking cases and adult house training. Not for puppy training.

Oslo Meets SprayAlert
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