Two pack of ​Electronic alarm monitor for detecting pet urine spraying and marking. Includes Alarm Unit P/N 4029 and one Standard Urine Sensor P/N 9079 size 4.40" x 2.80" (114mm x 71mm) with 3 foot cable. In quantity of two each.


○  Easy to use... mount sensor, plug cable into alarm unit and turn on

○  Responds immediately to pet urine

○  Catch pet in the act, the best time to influence behavior

○  Place in spots when your pet habitually marks

○  Can be mounted where needed: walls, furniture, flat or vertical surfaces

○  Small and portable, battery powered (batteries included)

○  Semi-transparent urine sensor not obtrusive to the pet

○  Waterproof and rinseable/reusable urine sensor, comes with 3 foot cord and double-sided adhesive strips to assist with mounting and placement.

○  Two urine sensors can be used with one alarm unit to cover multiple areas

○  A good training candidate is a dog that is marking habitually, in a handful of spots or less. 

○  Please note that the SprayAlert is not recommended for solving cat behavior issues. See​ Cat Spraying and Marking for more information  

○  Pets often urinate inappropriately due to anxiety or health problems. Address these issues first.


    Two Pack of SprayAlert Alarm System with Standard Sensor

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